The next generation. MKB RS/E body conversion. MKB 55/8 K high output engine.

The new MKB RS/E is an offensive statement of pure driving force. It was imperative for us at MKB to find a chassis and aerodynamic equivalence for our super powered engine MKB 55/8 K.

The MKB RS/E wide body conversion is the consequent step to our engine MKB 55/8 K final stage.

The mighty MKB 55/8 K and the outstanding MKB RS/E body conversion give passionate sports car connoisseurs a completely new point of view towards Mercedes cars: Vast 500 kW / 680 hp and 900 Nm mean rushing from 0 to 200 km/h in just under 12 seconds. An aerodynamic design with a strong emphasis on its function means spectacular race car looks. This Mercedes sedan entered clearly supercars` territory.  

But the idea of the combination of high performance engine and wide body chassis is not new at MKB.

In the past there was a single prototype – but from today the MKB RS/E and the MKB 55/8 K conversions are available for true high performance enthusiasts.

MKB 55/8 K final stage 500kW / 680 PS, 900 Nm

MKB means acceleration with no ifs and buts. The final stage of the MKB 55/8 K is the proof of our philosophy: "Engineering competence". This outstanding powertrain shows our passion to unleash exceeding forces especially with this engine type.

But pushing the limits beyond is not an easy task. We had to summon up all our technical know how of supercharged engine tuning and we assemble the MKB 55/8 K only with the finest selected parts.

MKB 55/8 K Modifacation data

  • displacement 5,5 l
  • boost 1,35 kg/m
  • MKB engine mapping
  • forged and leightweight MKB crankshaft
  • MKB titanium connecting rods
  • MKB forged pistons
  • MKB modified supercharger clutch
  • MKB high performance camshafts
  • bigger diameter of intake and outtake valves
  • MKB throttle valve
  • MKB intake system
  • MKB exhaust manifold stainless steel
  • MKB high flow catalyzing system (optional left out)
  • MKB high flow exhaust system
  • MKB intercooler system
  • modified lubrication system (cooling and pressure)

MKB reinforced gearbox - no heavy metal but heavy duty

The extremely powerful engine MKB 55/8 K needs a drivetrain which can stand the power.

At MKB we are specialists to build reinforced gearboxes. MKB conversions of Mercedes gearboxes contain both mechanical and electronic reinforcement. This means our gearbox is not just stronger – it will be perfectly adjusted to the higher engine output. It will shift more sporty and will give you better car control.

Opposite lock for more traction and fun - MKB limited slip differential

Real high output engines will smoke the tires always. But it is important for the driver to stay in control and to accelerate still.

The main advantage of the MKB limited slip differential (45 %) is the optimized traction for hard acceleration out of corners and for the start from zero.

Moreover it offers you several opportunities to change the characteristics of your car. We adjust the overall ratio the way you want. Longer ratios for more top speed. Shorter ratios for better acceleration and throttle response.

During the sport auto Driftchallenge 2005 we had the chance to prove our outstanding LSD technology. Our MKB 55/8 K based upon the luxury coupé Mercedes CL 55 went to the competition: the best drift, first place on the podium out of 60 competitors.

MKB RS/E aerodynamics - a statement of power

The complete aerodynamics of the MKB RS/E conversion was designed with a focus on the function: Our targets: High speed stability. Reducing the body lift at high speeds. Efficient cooling of the engine and improved traction with wider wheels. We were testing different shapes of the aerodynamic parts in the wind tunnel until we had found the right properties.

Outstanding is the shape of the front fenders. They improve both downforce and engine cooling. The diffuser, a typical MKB aeropart, and the rear wing join forces and add additional downforce.

The complete bodywork of the MKB RS/E contains accurate manufactured parts made out of fiber reinforced material with high internal stability.

MKB RS/E conversion for the Mercedes E-Class

  • front spoiler bumper with integrated
    front splitter and four head lights
  • wide front fender skirts
  • wide rear fender skirts
  • front spoiler bumper with integrated
    front splitter and four head lights
  • wide front fender skirts
  • wide rear fender skirts

MKB Alpha III wheels - exclusively sized for MKB RS/E conversion

The outburst of 680 hp needs reliable partners in the rubber department. To reveal the full potential in handling and acceleration wide tires are a perfect means. The aerodynamic parts offer enough space to use Pirelli P Zero Rosso 275/30R19 on 10,5x19 at the front and 355/25R19 on 12x19 at the rear axle.

With their special shape the three-piece-aluminium-wheels combine properties which make a sporty wheel something very special: optimum brake cooling through efficient air openings, low weight and high stability from the forged aluminium disks.

Wheel set MKB RS/E

  • MKB Alpha III
  • Front 10,5x19 with Pirelli P Zero Rosso 275/30 R19
  • Rear 12x19 with Pirelli P Zero Rosso 355/25 R19

The new front spoiler - upgrade for the MKB aerodynamic for the Mercedes E-class

Every MKB aerodynamic kit for the Mercedes E-Class can be improved with the MKB RS/E style front spoiler. It fits perfectly to the E-Class with the standard body. Four headlights, better airflow to the intercooler and the integrated front splitter make the E-Class more sporty looking.

The RS/E front spoiler is also now available for the standard body.

MKB RS/E rear wing - upgrade for the MKB aerodynamic for the Mercedes E-class

The rear wing is the perfect addition to the MKB aerodynamic kit for the Mercedes E-class. Together with the special MKB tear-off-edge it gives every E-Class high performance looks.

It provides more downforce and was tested in the wind tunnel to optimize the wing´s profile, the overall shape and precise position.

The RS/E rear wing is also now available for the standard body.