Vmax: 350 km/h in Papenburg test center Germany

01.12.2010, MKB Pressrelease: engine MKB P 1000 for AMG SL Black Series

1.015 hp / 746 kW for the AMG SL 65 Black Series:
Vmax: 350 km/h in Papenburg test center Germany.

The acceleration times were already proven with the presentation of the MKB engine.
The proof of any Vmax was not done until then. Recently the bespoke AMG SL 65 Black Series with the engine MKB P 1000 reached 350,5 km/h during the MKB high speed trials at the famous German test centre in Papenburg.

„Our target with our new engine MKB P 1000 isn´t anything new. We aimed to give the AMG SL with its down-force aerodynamic properties the similar Vmax as we do with the Mercedes CL models. Therefore we would need over 800 hp.” claimed MKB CEO Panagiotis Avramdis. And even 800 hp are not enough if you hold the technology key for over 1.000 hp.

During the high speed trials the vmax of 350 km/h was easily reached and proven several times. The end top speed of 350,5 km/h is realistic under all circumstances. The wide body car´s aerodynamics was untouched, mirrors were in place and all cooling openings were fully opened.

The Onboardvideo recorded with a Racelogic VIDEO VBOX Datalogger you can see here

The high end GPS-datalogging data screenshot shows still a tiny bit of longtitudinal acceleration at 350 km/h. With the MKB engine the SL AMG Black Series gets an impressive vmax which is now similar to the other well known MKB tuning stages. Especially the wide body SL developed for club sport racing with its wide fenders, rear wing and big air intakes now steps perfectly into the exclusive MKB high speed club.

“We did not intend to change its club racing capabilities. We simply added a better acceleration and a much higher vmax. And with that we will meet our typical customers demands,” points out Panagiotis Avramidis.

The fact that the MKB P 1000 converts the AMG SL 65 Black Series into one of the seldom very high performance cars made Michelin choose that car to use during the presentation of their new ultra performance tire Michelin Pilot Super Sport. This new tire is developed for the small group of cars whose performance exceeds the capabilities of normal super sports cars by far. During that presentation on the GP track Dubai Autodrome even F1 driver Adrian Sutil got the proof that the MKB tuned AMG supercar easily comes to grips with cars of Koenigsegg, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

„At MKB we are very happy to work closely together with a leading technology partner like Michelin. For new MKB projects in which we surely will reach 4 digit power figures the tire becomes an extremely important part of the package. The work is now divided perfectly well. Michelin offers us and our customers the best high speed tires available. We offer our customers high performance engines which makes them frontrunners in all respects – acceleration and vmax,” explains Mr. Avramidis the cooperation of MKB and Michelin.

Engine technology in detail: the mighty MKB P 1000.

The engine conversion is outstanding in regards of the of depth of the changes inside and outside the AMG 12-cylinder engines. The MKB Package P 1000 covers the whole drive train and guarantees the necessary sustainability for both onroad high speed driving and club racing use. The 6.0 litre AMG V12 gets in the MKB P 1000 conversion a completely new engine periphery – this means air intakes, turbo charger systems, cooling systems are the visible means. Inside MKB works as consequent too. Apart from MKB camshafts the power ECU has the important job to control the flowing gases in a way that maximum power output, drivability and sustainability will be combined on a high level. The engine pushes significantly forward from 1.500 rpm onwards. Anything like a turbo lag is unknown. The automatic gearbox is converted too to meet the increased engine torque. Additionally MKB offers MBK LSD rear axles with different ratios to reach different end speeds.

MKB offers this conversion as a custom hand built car in the MKB workshop. There is no production number limit for the engine. After the launch with the AMG SL Black Series now all other AMG 65 cars can reach over 1.000 hp at the rear wheels.


Engine MKB P 1000 in AMG SL Black Series
Basis: AMG 65. 6,0 Litre V12 3V
power in hp / kW at RPM:
1.015 / 746 at 5.700
torque in Nm at RPM:
1.300 at 3.300 to 6000

0-100 km/h: 3,6 s
0-200 km/h: 8,9 s
0-300 km/h: 21,5 s
¼ Mile: 11,1 s

Vmax: 350,5 km/h on Michelin Pilot Super Sport front 265/35 ZR 19 and rear HA 345/30 ZR20

MKB means unrestricted acceleration.

MKB vehicles are developed and constructed using state-of-the-art technologies. Instead of sacrificing potential to the emotionless cost-savings measures used for mass-produced cars, MKB unleashes that potential and pushes it to the limit with additional MKB technology. At MKB, the main focus is not on maximizing profits. It’s on the sheer joy of enjoying the full potential of modern automobiles – together with our passionate customers. Optimize the complete drive train – the engine, transmission and differential – is the focus of everything MKB does. Every MKB product comes from a constant, passionate drive to achieve maximum power, and from the search for the ideal technical solution.

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