MKB P 640 for all Mercedes 5,5-l-V8-Biturbo 640 HP and 1.000 Nm - MKB P 530 for the new Mercedes 500 engines V8 Biturbo 530 HP und 800 Nm

MKB P 640 for all Mercedes 5,5-l-V8-Biturbo "640 HP and 1.000 Nm" MKB P 530 for the new Mercedes 500 engines V8 Biturbo "530 HP und 800 Nm"

Up to 122 hp and 300 Nm power increase for the new Mercedes V8 twin turbo gasoline engines:
MKB P 530 and MKB P 640.
640 hp and 1.000 Nm for the new AMG 63er generation, all AMG V8 twin turbo engines. 530 hp and 800 Nm for the new Mercedes 500 engines in all chassis types. MKB adapted well to the fundamental changes in the Mercedes engine technology: during the era of normal aspirated engines MKB offered leading edge big displacement tuning.
Later the supercharged engines got the MKB performance increase with tuned boost pressure, high flow exhaust systems and ECU management. Then the high rev AMG engines showed its full potential with MKB ECU technology and tuned mechanic parts. And today MKB relies on its outstanding electronic tuning technology to lead the pack. MKB brings 640 hp, 1.000 Nm and a top speed of over 340 km/h for all AMG twin turbo V8 engines to the starting line. AMG engines will achieve 640 hp and 1.000 Nm with MKB electronic tuning. Converting the new AMG engines MKB uses a careful adjustment of the ECU management. The engine’s hardware is totally sufficient and no changes are needed at first hand. The MKB power performance software makes all new AMG 63 models show its full potential: the street performance of the CLS 63 AMG for example is quite catchy: 0-100 km/h: 4.1 s, Vmax 300 km/h with electronic limiter, on demand delimited and with special tires quicker than 340 km/h.

Mercedes engines reach 530 hp and 800 Nm with MKB electronic tuning. Even here MKB focussed only on electronic adjustments: For example the MKB P 530 in the Mercedes CLS 500 sprints now in AMG`s own territory. 4.4 s from 0 to 100 km/h and the pushing forward stops at 300 km/h. Stopped only by the electronic limiter of course.
Being MKB and being a German technology tuner MKB omits any optical gimmicks. Only the aluminium wheel MKB Alpha III and the Michelin Pilot Super Sport - the customer can choose comfortable 19” or sporty 20” - round off the power performance package and deliver a perfect driving balance on any high speed track. The first view on the new MKB tuning packages shows a small tuning job only. Anyway each car or at least each ECU unit must be brought to MKB to get its unique and individual conversion. In the end it is still a quick conversion which gives a huge change in performance. Up 122 hp and 300 Nm power increase are a new level for a ECU tuning even with a turbo engine. Compared to the long and careful programming and long dyno runs and the many runs on the Autobahn the result is a quite logic consequence. The conversion to MKB P 530 and MKB P 640 is already available with a full MKB warranty. In Germany MKB offers the tuning conversion even with TÜV and emission class Euro 5.
MKB means unrestricted acceleration.
MKB vehicles are developed and constructed using state-of-the-art technologies. Instead of sacrificing potential to the emotionless cost-savings measures used for mass-produced cars, MKB unleashes that potential and pushes it to the limit with additional MKB technology. At MKB, the main focus is not on maximizing profits. It’s on the sheer joy of enjoying the full potential of modern automobiles – together with our passionate customers. Optimize the complete drive train – the engine, transmission and differential – is the focus of everything MKB does. Every MKB product comes from a constant, passionate drive to achieve maximum power, and from the search for the ideal technical solution.

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