MKB P 640 for the Mercedes SLS

25.02.2011, MKB press release MKB P 640 for the Mercedes SLS

638 PS / 469 kW for the Mercedes SLS.
Right from the start, with the first tuning stage MKB P 640.

The sporty gullwing of AMG shows both the most powerful normal aspirated V8 engine and its heritage of modern GT race cars. The German tuning company MKB raises the power from 571 to 638 hp for the sportiest drivers. The torque grew from 650 to 710 Nm too.

MKB offers only a software upgrade in the first tuning stage as the engine hardware of the Mercedes SLS is very promising. The super sports car can show its full power potential by using the MKB performance electronic engine management: its performance is a clear statement: 0-100 km/h: 3,7 s, 0-200 km/h: 10,5 s, Vmax: 330 km/h (with speed limiter).

The engine is basically well known at MKB as many AMG-63-owners believe in MKB power since 2007 and enjoy super car performance in their powerful sedans. But now the engine was newly engineered at AMG and thus MKB redesigned its performance electronic engine management completely.

AMG offers in the SLS a nearly perfected mechanical basis and a nearly perfected intake and exhaust system. This is a big achievement in a mass production car. The mechanical parts properties` potential is now revealed to its full extend with the highly engineered MKB software. During the conversion MKB flashes its MKB P 640 software into the ECU of the SLS. Nothing less than this is necessary for a first big power increase.

„If a car manufacturer offers such a high value engine and high value engine periphery parts in a mass production car than you won´t find additional power if you simply change some of these parts and hope for a performance increase. Because of that fact we did concentrate on the engine tuning with given properties first and we found its real potential. The existing technical basis of AMG is supporting the MKB tuning philosophy and development accuracy,” tells MKB CEO Panagiotis Avramidis about the MKB P 640.

MKB waives additional optical tuning gimmicks too. The wheel set MKB Alpha III with the tire Michelin Pilot Super Sport - at the front axle 9,5x20 and 275/35 ZR 20 and at the real axle 11,5x20 and 295/35 ZR 20 – gives the SLS a very good driving balance for every high speed track.
Compared to the small extensiveness of the conversion we think the result is astonishing. + 67 hp and + 60 Nm revealed only by a new but perfected electronic engine management for a normal aspirated engine is not a small achievement. But if one knows the development accuracy and the many dyno runs one can expect such a performance. MKB offers the conversion MKB P 640 for sale with German TÜV homologation, emission class Euro 5 and a full MKB warranty.
MKB means unrestricted acceleration.
MKB vehicles are developed and constructed using state-of-the-art technologies. Instead of sacrificing potential to the emotionless cost-savings measures used for mass-produced cars, MKB unleashes that potential and pushes it to the limit with additional MKB technology. At MKB, the main focus is not on maximizing profits. It’s on the sheer joy of enjoying the full potential of modern automobiles – together with our passionate customers.

Optimize the complete drive train – the engine, transmission and differential – is the focus of everything MKB does. Every MKB product comes from a constant, passionate drive to achieve maximum power, and from the search for the ideal technical solution.

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