MKB - Your Dream is our Drive. High Performance Engineering.

Outstanding results are achieved when specialists work with passion and commitment on something that is strongest from the start.

The 680 hp coming from the V8 5.5 l compressor engine for example. Or the patented G-Liner-Tec® technology, classic tuning or supercharging technology. But always with one common feature: no end of power and fun.

Because in the centre of attention is the propulsion: engines, transmissions and differentials. That is what we define ourselves with: Performance Engineering. The automobiles of our customers are tuned up according to that basic principle. High performance, outstanding dynamism and an absolute sporty character in every single detail. And this is not something new. We can look back on a long tradition.

Our uncompromising passion to make dreams becoming true, allows the creation of something unique. It is your individual automobile with plenty of power.

Technical leadership in the tuning scene cannot be claimed only by hp-statements. It is the proven technical ability to move the performance characteristics of an excellent car into the field of supersports cars.

Technical leadership in the tuning scene can only be achieved by a consequent investment in manpower and skills. In a team of passionate, ambitious individuals who share one aim - not to be overtaken.

25 years of top performance with the most progressive technology.

MKB is concentrating exclusively on the technical upgrading of excellent automobiles. This is not since yesterday but since 1991 the daily work.

With extensive engineering experience from the DTM and aerospace-technology as a start-up capital, MKB became the driving force in the Mercedes tuning scene. Over the years, the creativity and the innovative solution finding ability leads to the unique High Performance Engineering which characterises MKB. The technical solutions presented by MKB are resulting by deep know-how.

No matter if it is about big displacement normal aspirating engines or highly efficient supercharging systems, or using the potentials of aerodynamics and thermodynamics, or optimising the electronic management of engine and gearbox – with MKB you are on the right track.

The variety of products with the typical lead in performance complies with the striving to top results. This navigation by performance is what MKB engineers share with MKB customers. We like to overtake, not to be overtaken.

MKB modifications are a clear commitment to a life style which is stamped by dynamism and sportive character. That is why many MKB enthusiasts are regularly seen on the race track.

MKB - Hochleistungssaugmotoren ohne Hubraumerweiterung

The sporty appearance of the MKB RS/E follows the need, always to search for the maximum: 680hp and 900Nm require wide wheels, a tail wing and diffuser for high downforce and special vents to manage the increased heat of the engine. Design follows performance.