MKB 50/8S 316kW(430HP) S500 W221 and for all cars with M273 V8 engine

MKB 50/8S performance increase incl. V-max
for the new Mercedes V8 engine M273.

316 kW (430 HP) at 5800 1/min, 550 Nm at 2800-4800 1/min
285 kW (388 HP) and 530 Nm

Modified engine management system with readapted ignition map and injection map incl. V-max.

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Auto-Bild Sportscars March 2006
0- 50 km/h 2,3s
0-100km/h 5,5s
0-130km/h 8,3s
0-160km/h 11,8s
0-200km/h 18,6s

Quartermile 0-402,34m 13,71s

60- 100km/h 2,6s
80- 120km/h 3,2s

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