Nardo Highspeed Event 330,5 km/h MKB 63/8 and 323,8 km/h MKB 55/8 K

At Nardo it doesn’t count who you are, it only counts how fast you are.

MKB has a good name which stands for real power performance tuning of AMG and Mercedes cars. We showed the evidence that this reputation is justified: the fastest Mercedes during the Showdown 2007 of the German magazine AutoBild sportscars came out of our garage.

MKB 63/8: 330,5 km/h with the 560 hp high rev engine

Our MKB 63/8 pushes itself to the top of all high performance sedans with normal aspirated engines.

Sunday, 22.09.2007, 07:44. With a mean grunt the MKB 63/8 thunders over the banked circuit in Nardo. His engine comes now near to 7.000 rpm. The 6.3-litre 4-valve V8 revs even in sixth gear nearly to the max.

After a short run up the MKB 63/8 burned his top speed at 330,5 km/h into the holy tarmac of the Italian high speed track. A lot of specialists were convinced that a sedan with automatic transmission and a normal aspirated engine would not show such an outstanding performance. Our technology tuned E 63 AMG pulled ahead of all Mercedes models which dared to go to the high speed event at Nardo. Even stronger cars by name had to step back. The MKB 63/8 package was unbeatable this time.

But much more than the pure Vmax his high agility was impressive. The MKB 63/8 catapulted himself easily over 300 km/h. It is a strong basis for ambitious high speed racing. And at Nardo we needed only one lap, one run, to step into the 330 km/h plus league.

It was worth while to hold back the newly developed engine based on the AMG 6.3 l V8 engines.
The world`s première was successful. We aimed for 330 km/h and we gained 330 km/h.
And to our quick customers we can offer the MKB 63/8 from early January 2008.

MKB 55/8 K: 323,8 km/h with the famous 620 hp supercharged engine
The fastest station wagon in Nardo carries the MKB signature. Our discrete MKB 55/8 K makes race bred super sports cars seem colourless. If it comes to transporting things as well to Vmax runs…

In the meantime we offer for the AMG supercharged V8 four different power upgrades. For Nardo we installed our most often sold MKB 55/8 K with 620 hp. Our target of over 320 km/h was clearly in sight with this engine.

With the optional 680 hp and 900 Nm of torque our E-class T-model would clearly reach over 330 km/h. Even its aerodynamics are still not very good. For example two years ago we reached at test trials in an E-class sedan much higher speeds already.

The old 5.5 l V8 upgraded with our power packages is still a good choice for high speed fanatics if they want to go in a SL, CL or E-class.

The hot engines still are crackling. And our tech team is already dreaming about Nardo 2008 …

We reached our targets at Nardo with our standard products and even without any special high speed couture. Just because this high speed event of the German magazine is somehow merciless. Only the most precise GPS-speed-measuring equipment judges the speeds. A tenth of a km/h is the currency. The German TUEV reads out the results. And who misses his target which had to be announced before the runs will loose his credibility and respect. We kept our promises. Because we can promise our customers highest performance without ifs or buts.

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